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Barre Fit— Using a combination of postures inspired by Ballet, Yoga & Pilates the class focus is on proper alignment and isometric movements. Using bands & light hand held weights to fatigue muscle groups. Bring a mat for targeted core work. 

Dance Fitness & toning - An easy to follow dance cardio using your favorite salsa, jazz & low-impact moves for cardio without running or jumping. (v-step, grapevine, step touch, heel digs, etc.) Resistance bands or weights will train all major muscle groups for strength and toning. Bring a mat for floor/core work. 

Group Training—individual workouts in a group setting. Circuit includes cardio drills (no running) weights for strength/toning, core & functional exercises for daily life.

Step/Strength, easy to follow step aerobics - Enjoy a classic step aerobics class that incorporates beginner to intermediate level choreography set to great music. Develop aerobic endurance to increase caloric output—increase metabolism by developing muscle tone/strength using weights and body bars.

Move it, Lose it—(Beginner’s fitness): Designed for the beginner person or someone who may have 50 or more pounds to lose. Easy to follow fun low impact cardio. Weight training for strength & toning. No running, jumping or getting down to the floor.